The 88 temple Shikoku pilgrimage

I have start this first part of pilgrimage by bicycle and taking photographie with a old wooden chamber.

About the pilgrim:
“Shikoku O-Henro”, or the Shikoku Pilgrimage, is a religious journey to 88 temples in Shikoku. The total distance of the journey to these sacred places (temples) associated with Kobo Daishi Kukai is approximately 1,200 km. Historically, it is said that 1,200 years ago Kobo Daishi Kukai went on this pilgrimage for his own training. After the passing of the Heian and Muromachi periods, this pilgrimage spread among the general public in the early Edo period and became a central region of religious worship. Nowadays, as many as 500 thousand people make this pilgrimage. Among the pilgrims are tourists from all over the world, making their pilgrimage for various reasons. 03 - Prj sculpture - benjamin couradette - 0002.jpg 03 - Prj sculpture - benjamin couradette - 0001.jpg stamps_n88.jpg

Ōkubo-ji (大窪寺)
Temple 88 copie.jpg stamps_n87.jpg

Nagao-ji (長尾寺)
Temple 87 copie.jpg stamps_n84.jpg

Nagao-ji (長尾寺)
Temple 86 copie.jpg stamps_n86.jpg

Yakuri-ji (八栗寺)
Temple 85 copie.jpg stamps_n85.jpg

Ichinomiya-ji (一宮寺)
Temple 83 copie.jpg stamps_n83.jpg

Yashima-ji (屋島寺)
Temple 84 copie.jpg stamps_n80.jpg

Negoro-ji (根香寺)
Temple 82 copie.jpg stamps_n82.jpg

Shiromine-ji (白峯寺)
Temple 81 copie.jpg stamps_n81.jpg

Sanuki Kokubun-ji (讃岐国分寺)
Temple 80 copie.jpg stamps_n78.jpg

Tennō-ji (天皇寺)
Temple 79 copie.jpg stamps_n79.jpg

Dōryū-ji (道隆寺)
Temple 77 copie.jpg stamps_n77.jpg

Gōshō-ji (郷照寺)
Temple 78 copie.jpg stamps_n76.jpg

Konzō-ji (金倉寺)
Temple 76 copie.jpg stamps_n75.jpg

Zentsū-ji (善通寺)
Temple 75 copie.jpg stamps_n74.jpg

Kōyama-ji (甲山寺)
Temple 74 copie.jpg stamps_n73.jpg

Shusshakaji (出釈迦寺)
Temple 73 copie.jpg stamps_n71.jpg

Mandara-ji (曼荼羅寺)
Temple 72 copie.jpg stamps_n72.jpg

Motoyama-ji (本山寺)
Temple 70 copie.jpg stamps_n70.jpg

Iyadani-ji (弥谷寺)
Temple 71 copie.jpg stamps_n68.jpg

Kannon-ji (観音寺)
Temple 69 copie.jpg stamps_n65.jpg

Unpen-ji (雲辺寺)
Temple 66 copie.jpg stamps_n69.jpg

Jinne-in (神恵院)
Temple 68 copie.jpg stamps_n67.jpg

Sankaku-ji (三角寺)
Temple 65 copie.jpg stamps_n66.jpg

Daikō-ji (大興寺)
Temple 67 copie.jpg stamps_n64.jpg

Maegami-ji (前神寺)
Temple 64 copie.jpg stamps_n61.jpg

Kichijō-ji (吉祥寺)
Temple 63 copie.jpg stamps_n60.jpg

Senyū-ji (仙遊寺)
Temple 58 Daishi copie.jpg stamps_n62.jpg

Hōju-ji (宝寿寺)
Temple 62 copie.jpg stamps_n59.jpg

Kōon-ji (香園寺)
Temple 61 copie.jpg stamps_n63.jpg

Yokomine-ji (横峰寺)
Temple 60 copie.jpg stamps_n58.jpg

Senyū-ji (仙遊寺)
Temple 58 copie.jpg stamps_n56.jpg

Iyo Kokubun-ji (伊予国分寺)
Temple 59 copie.jpg stamps_n57.jpg

Eifuku-ji (栄福寺)
temple 57 copie.jpg stamps_n52.jpg

Enmei-ji (延命寺)
Temple 54 copie.jpg stamps_n53.jpg

Taisan-ji (泰山寺)
Temple 56 copie.jpg stamps_n55.jpg

Taisan-ji (太山寺)
Temple 52 copie.jpg stamps_n54.jpg

Enmyō-ji (円明寺)
Temple 53 copie.jpg stamps_n48.jpg

Nankōbō (南光坊)
Temple 55 copie.jpg stamps_n46.jpg

Ishite-ji (石手寺)
Temple 51  copie.jpg stamps_n50.jpg

Hanta-ji (繁多寺)
Temple 50 copie.jpg stamps_n51.jpg

Jōruri-ji (浄瑠璃寺)
Temple 46 copie.jpg stamps_n49.jpg

Yasaka-ji (八坂寺)
Temple 47 copie.jpg stamps_n47.jpg

Jōdo-ji (浄土寺)
Temple 49 copie.jpg

Sairin-ji (西林寺)
Temple 48 copie.jpg

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